Under Project Lab was founded in 2011 by Álvaro Cuéllar and Anna Gutiérrez, both architects with a common interest in research and learning through Architecture competitions. We believe that through architectural competitions we can make our speculative contribution on urban issues that arise in the contemporary city.

With the aim of making complementary teams with distinct attitudes and visions, UPL has the support of other architects, architecture students and professionals from other disciplines who are re-organized in each project. Built on this network, UPL wants promote debate and contrasting perspectives on each project.



Anna Gutiérrez Merín, architect

Álvaro Cuéllar Jaramillo, architect



Rodrigo Álvarez, student architect (Spain)

Maria Barenys, architetect (Spain)

Israel Barroso, architect (México)

Sabrina Bentata, architect (Venezuela)

Paulo Bórquez, architect (Chile)

Carmen Boyer Navarro, architect (Spain)

Miquel Camacho, architect (Spain)

Ángel Canals, architects (Spain)

Anna Cases, student architect (Spain)

Martí Cillero, CICSA engineer (Spain)

Fabrizio Cocirio, architect (Italy)

César Córdoba, architect (Spain)

Joan Marc Garcés, student architect (Spain)

Max Gimeno, architect (Spain)

Ramir Gil, student architect (Spain)

Lydia Libero, landscape architect  (Greece)

Asun López, architect  (Spain)

Ana Marquina, architect (Spain)

Mireia Martin, student architect (Spain)

Guillem Martínez Piera, architect (Spain – England)

Nicolás Martínez, student architect (Spain)

Mariano Pérez, architect (Spain)

Almudena Rodríguez (Spain)

Jordi Safont-Tria, architect (Spain)

Helena Sanz (Spain)

Ema Stojevic, student architect (Spain)