About us

Under Project Lab is a methodoloy project focused on creating knowledge through architecture and urbanism competitions. From specific exercises, it aspires to build theoretical reflections on the contemporary city. Under Project Lab is defined as a way / attitude to face the competition from three main actions: Looking –  Projecting  – Reporting.

UNDER: potential

Any space can be thought as a Project!

In this practical exploration through architecture and urbanism competitions, we seek for the inherent capacities and potentials of the own space to face its possible evolution or transformation. Beyond the request expressed by the competition organizers. our attitude in the approach is reflected in an active “look” to the reality that pretends to identify where the opportunity is in the place or the city or even in the territory.

PROJECT: strategy

When there is a look there is a Project!

In the actual crisis of resources, we search to respond in an strategically way in every competition exercise with the minimum of elements. For this reason, the focus is concentrate in proposing a way of addressing possible detailed solutions rather than generating an image “per se” understood as a “design”. From this strategic thouht, we considerate important to focus on structural and synthetic values, the multiple scales and the multidisciplinary relevance of the projects character.

LAB: report

The construction project is in its explanation!

In the context of architecture and urban design competitions, Lab  wants to build an open and flexible space to the exchange of ideas on relevant challenges of urban and regional areas. Therefore, the interest covers the further necessary stage of extracting specific background and theoretical discussions that are needed to be explained and reported.  Thinking about how to communicate the project is also part of the design process.



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